Church Kids is the children’s ministry of Trinity New York for children ages 6 months – 5th grade.

We build the next generation through development and care!

Listening Ears

I will listen twice as much as I speak.

Kind Words

I will use kind words to honor others and speak life.

Helping Hands

I will use my hands for helping and sharing.

Humble Heart

I will think of others before myself.

Positive Attitude

I will always choose joy.


6 months through 2 years — Your infants will experience a time of structured activities designed to cover the basics of human development and fine motor skills. As your child grows, acclimation is introduced to encourage healthy development.


2-4 years old — Your toddlers will experience a fun environment designed to teach through song, story time, and crafts. More time is devoted to lesson time and worship to help prepare your young ones as they grow and develop.


Kindergarten-5th grade — Your older children will experience a time of worship and a message designed specifically for their age group. Small-group time provides a unique and immersive learning environment tailored just for your child.

youth X GROUPS
youth X GROUPS

As your child graduates from Church Kids, they have an opportunity to connect with others their age by joining this group. Every groups season, our Church Kids’ Servant Leaders create an environment to further learn and develop a personal relationship with Jesus through sermon guide and discussion, games, food and much more.

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Preschool Monthly Overview

This month, our preschoolers are going to step into their own wonderful workshop as we discover some of the amazing things Jesus did. Everything Jesus did – and the way He did them – showed everyone around Him that He was God’s son, and that means that Jesus is amazing!

Memory Verse
“Everyone who heard Him was amazed.” – Luke 2:47, NIV

Key Question
Who is Amazing?

Bottom Line
Jesus is Amazing!

Preschool Playlist

Elementary Monthly Overview

This month, we are learning that God is the author of knowledge. Everything we know to be true about the world is because of God. And while we may never know all there is to know ABOUT God, there are lots of ways we can get to KNOW God. We can know God best through Jesus, who showed us how much God loves us and showed why knowledge is so important. The more we know God, the better we can live God’s way each day.

Memory Verse
“The Lord gives wisdom. Knowledge and understanding come from His mouth.” – Proverbs 2:6, NIRV

Bottom Line
Learning something new so you can be better at whatever you do.

Elementary Playlist

Our goal is to provide Church Kids services that are clean, safe, fun and ALL about Jesus.